Korcula Buggy


Korčula Buggy Safari is a unique opportunity to discover the island Korčula in a half-day adventure with unforgettable rides through forest, olive groves and vineyards…


You take off from Žrnovska Banja. When all has taken their places in the buggy vehicles. The ride starts by driving out to the sea to the place Medvidnjak then going uphill to the best position from where you can see the town Korčula and the Pelješac-Korčula channel. Here you will stop for about 5 min. to enjoy the view and for taking photos. You continue on the way around the hill through the pine forest to the top, where there is a centuries-old stone fortress. You enter the fortress and climb the stone steps to the top from where you have an excellent view of the surrounding hills, the dense forest, the island Hvar, the peninsula Pelješac, the islands in front of Dubrovnik and the island of Mljet. After visiting the fort, you ride along beautiful olive groves and vineyards surrounded by ancient stone walls. Along the way you will also visit some monuments from the Second World War.

Then you arrive to the big sandy beach “Pržina” in Lumbarda where you stop for about 45 minutes. for swimming and relaxation. After enjoying the sandy beach of Pržina you ride through the village of Lumbarda, which is full of smaller vineyards with the grape “Grk” for which the wine “Korčulansko vino” is known for as well as some other varieties. Then you descend to the center, you drive about 3 km along the sea where you have a wonderful view of the sea, the islands and the bay. Then you turn to the forest where you ride through the hills leading to the place Žrnovo, after passing a few kilometers you arrive to Žrnovska Banja where you park the buggy vehicles. At the our family estate you are welcome to try some liquors and wines that are made according to old recipes that were passed on to younger generations for years, without artificial ingredients or additives and here you end your half day buggy safari.

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