Korcula Buggy

Korcula Buggy Tour

Our tour covers approximately 36-47 kilometer (23-30 miles) and includes some asphalted and some off roads. The tour is designed for a peaceful and enjoyable experience and does not include racing, destruction, drifting, or any other dangerous activities because safety always comes first!

Korčula Buggy - About Us

Korcula Buggy Safari

Our buggy center is located in the bay of Žrnovska Banja, near the restaurant Mimis, about 2.5 km west of Korčula Old Town !
After we all gather there will be a short instruction on how to drive simple buggy vehicles for two people!



 Zrnovska Banja Bay

Our tour starts at Žrnovska Banja bay and continues along the asphalted road following the sea and after 10 ish minutes we got to the first photo stop.You will enjoy the amazing view of the Korčula old town and Korčulan archipelago.


Forteca Fortress

We continue our journey through a dence pine woods to the top where the 19 century fortress was built. Unfortunately we can't go inside but we'll sure drive aorund it!



Villages Postrana & Žrnovo

After visiting the fortress we drive along the road where we have a chance to see a beautiful landscape full of olive trees and vineyards surrounded by centuries-old dry walls.

We will pass through the famous village of Žrnovo and Postrana where you can see centuries-oldstone  houses built  without binding materials, mostly everything was drywall !


Lumbarda Wine GRK & Zure Vineyard

By the way, as we move away from the town of Podstrana through the forest with beautiful views of Dubrovnik and the Korčula Islands, we will reach the famous and largest Vineyard from the Zure family, which focused on the production of the famous and autochthonous GRK white wine sort, there we will stop near the monument from of the Second World War, refresh yourself with a homemade juice that we make and hear something about the monument, wines and way of life on the island !


View of Lumbarda

After small refreshment we'll continue through olive trees and pine forest where you can see some more old dry stone walls. The road will take us to the sandy beach " LUMBARDA PRŽINA ".

We'll stop for a short period of time depends on the duration of the trip !


Lumbarda Beach Przina & Amore Restaurant Bar

 AMORE RESTAURANT BAR is located on Pržina beach. - our guests highly recomend it!

There you can try local wines, drink cocktails at your own expense. You can also look at the menu and order something extra for you !
On the menu is homemade bread, cheeses, prosciutto, a lot of authentic side dishes, meat, fish and other specialties,,,
You can also watch the food being prepared while you wait for your order, which we have seen the guests really like!

On the way back you can see different vineyards (again!), of famous wineproducers from LUMBARDA: ZURE VINEYARD, CEBALO VINEYARD, BIRE VINEYARD, POPIĆ VINEYARD, LOVRIĆ VINEYARD and others...


Return to Korcula Buggy Official Center

After sandy beach, we jump on the buggy and drive through the centre of Lumbarda village along the coast with a beautiful view.


Then we turn again towards the forest terrain where the roads lead us through the hills to the village of Prvo selo Zrnovo. We'll go downhill after passing through the village a few kilometers towards the starting point of our buggy center Zrnovska Banja. You will enjoy an amazing view of our bay and a chance to take some goog photos !

We pass by La Banya beach, and we usually don't stop because they have problems with parking and crowds. After all this is a buggy tour, not beach tour :)





Wine Tasting Liquers and Domestic Products

Suggar come at the end :) On our terrace you will taste homemade products of our family, all without any suplements or chemicals! Pancakes, cakes, snacks, homemade goatcheese with olive oil, prosciutto, homemade bread.... You won't be thirsty because we have many types of liqueurs made according to the old family recipes, wine, juices etc. Enjoy with us on our sea view terrace!

Of course we have a rest room if you want to refresh yourself.


How it looks like